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On our way to success

So wait… what? 8 MONTHS HAVE PASSED SINCE MY LAST BLOG POST? That is crazy. I guess I need to catch up a little bit. Let me give you a rundown of what has happened (if I can remember, haha)



So by now you might know that I am the crazy cat lady from Nicaragua. But guess what… it just doesn’t stop! One day, a Swiss couple stopped by my house, asking me if I wanted to adopt a black kittykat they saved from the street but now couldn’t take back home. It took me three days to convince myself that a fourth cat would be indeed a great idea, and I said yes. Continue reading “On our way to success”

One small step at a time

Step 1 – Get a new tourist visa by having a 3-day vacation in Costa Rica


I am still confused about that “mandatory 72 hour-leave” in order to get a new visa… all expats I’ve heard of simply do a border run, means they turn around right after leaving Nicaragua and enter again within a few minutes. But then even the immigration officials told me that it’s necessary to stay out of the country for 3 full days (just so that’s it’s not toooo apparent that you actually just keep living in their country). Whatever is right, I took the safe way and combined it with some much needed vacation (hahaha, you won’t believe me or what?). Continue reading “One small step at a time”

More Sunday Funday: Get to know Nicaragua!

Well, I have to admit: Nicaraguas Pacific Coast is definitely NOT the most beautiful place in the world. I mean, there are soooooo (!!!) many regions, coastlines, forests and mountain landscapes out there which are totally picturesque, idyllic and scenic – who could even decide which part of this magnificent world is the most beautiful?

However, life and leisure in Nicaragua has some pretty cool advantages: Continue reading “More Sunday Funday: Get to know Nicaragua!”

Life near the beach: Sunday Funday for nature enthusiasts

Okay, the pictures of this blogpost might leave the impression that I’m not actually working. But I swear I do. Mostly even six days a week. But there’s always at least that one special day when we go visit a new exciting place, which is mostly some sort of beach near-by. You wanna know what the magnificent coastline of south-western Nicaragua has to offer? Then scroll your way down.

Beaches in Nicaragua are popular amongst backpackers and nature lovers because they tend to be quite empty. Whereas in Europa you’re used to feel like in a sardine tin, here you usually feel like the only person on earth. Continue reading “Life near the beach: Sunday Funday for nature enthusiasts”

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