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On our way to success

So wait… what? 8 MONTHS HAVE PASSED SINCE MY LAST BLOG POST? That is crazy. I guess I need to catch up a little bit. Let me give you a rundown of what has happened (if I can remember, haha)



So by now you might know that I am the crazy cat lady from Nicaragua. But guess what… it just doesn’t stop! One day, a Swiss couple stopped by my house, asking me if I wanted to adopt a black kittykat they saved from the street but now couldn’t take back home. It took me three days to convince myself that a fourth cat would be indeed a great idea, and I said yes. Continue reading “On our way to success”

One small step at a time

Step 1 – Get a new tourist visa by having a 3-day vacation in Costa Rica


I am still confused about that “mandatory 72 hour-leave” in order to get a new visa… all expats I’ve heard of simply do a border run, means they turn around right after leaving Nicaragua and enter again within a few minutes. But then even the immigration officials told me that it’s necessary to stay out of the country for 3 full days (just so that’s it’s not toooo apparent that you actually just keep living in their country). Whatever is right, I took the safe way and combined it with some much needed vacation (hahaha, you won’t believe me or what?). Continue reading “One small step at a time”

More Sunday Funday: Get to know Nicaragua!

Well, I have to admit: Nicaraguas Pacific Coast is definitely NOT the most beautiful place in the world. I mean, there are soooooo (!!!) many regions, coastlines, forests and mountain landscapes out there which are totally picturesque, idyllic and scenic – who could even decide which part of this magnificent world is the most beautiful?

However, life and leisure in Nicaragua has some pretty cool advantages: Continue reading “More Sunday Funday: Get to know Nicaragua!”

Life near the beach: Sunday Funday for nature enthusiasts

Okay, the pictures of this blogpost might leave the impression that I’m not actually working. But I swear I do. Mostly even six days a week. But there’s always at least that one special day when we go visit a new exciting place, which is mostly some sort of beach near-by. You wanna know what the magnificent coastline of south-western Nicaragua has to offer? Then scroll your way down.

Beaches in Nicaragua are popular amongst backpackers and nature lovers because they tend to be quite empty. Whereas in Europa you’re used to feel like in a sardine tin, here you usually feel like the only person on earth. Continue reading “Life near the beach: Sunday Funday for nature enthusiasts”

The show must go on

Wow, it has been over three months since my last update! I have to admit, I wasn’t really in the mood of writing a new blog post and things have been going crazy as well. So I wanted some tranquility and some good stories to tell before I continue giving updates from my way of becoming… well, something.

The initial plan of being a sea turtle conservationist-for-life seems to become more and more a dream I was chasing after in my youth. I feel like I arrived in reality, like probably so many other people of my age after they’ve finished university. Now it’s time to get some money, which means: work for at least five days a week (PAID work and no super-hippy-fun-travel volunteering any more!). Continue reading “The show must go on”

Hello San Juan del Sur, you ugly little beachfront town

Well, we finally moved to San Juan del Sur, after discussing it again and again for months. I wasn’t happy at first, simply because Managua offered me some kind of useful infrastructure (great supermarkets, useful hospital and medical center, shopping malls, western fast food restaurants etc.) and because I did not want to be one of those 2000 foreigners who come to “exotic” Nicaragua and end up in the most touristic, development-spoilt town in this country.

Also, I get a heart attack every time I stroll along the beach. Simply, because it is ALL FULL of restaurants and bars, owned by some richer locals who still want to jump on the tourist train. They think the closer they are to the ocean the more tourists will come in and eat. However, besides public holidays, I see a nearly empty beach and five waiters standing outside of each restaurant waiting desperately for some guests. Continue reading “Hello San Juan del Sur, you ugly little beachfront town”

Just another ordinary German in Nicaragua

Wow. I really think my life right now is a bit boring. Or let’s say: ordinary. Totally normal. I live together with my partner in a rented apartment. I work from Monday until Friday. I watch over the money I spend throughout the week. I have a car. I have two cats. From time to time I do some kind of work-out to work against that fat belly. On the weekends I go on fun trips to the beach or to the mountains, watching my man surf, relaxing and discovering new places. I keep dreaming about a better future.

I learned to be a Geographer. I then planned to become a sea turtle conservationist. I dreamed about being an eco-hotel owner. But for now, I am just a pretty boring freelancer.
My work life is about the exact opposite of what I wanted it to be. I work on the computer all day long, I don’t move at all and live very unhealthy, and I don’t talk to anyone until my man comes back home in the afternoon. Continue reading “Just another ordinary German in Nicaragua”

Love and frustration: about cars, poachers and cats


People who have seen me around cats before know that I LOVE them. But I never had them as a pet myself. Now, living in Nicaragua with a high kitten supply and low animal welfare standards, it was the right time for me to finally get my very own kittens. With just six weeks of age the two were transferred from Melvin’s hometown to the big city. Here, they have stayed in the patio and kitchen ever since, which – with all the people, furniture and plants around – is a huge semi-outdoor playground for them. They are running, whirling and playing around, meaouwing, eating, sleeping and being indefinitely adorable. Continue reading “Love and frustration: about cars, poachers and cats”

Living in Managua – the city of trees

Me and Melvin were concerned when we decided to live and work in Managua until we’d find a suitable beachfront property and sufficient funding to build the Conservation Lodge of our dreams.

This was mainly because of two reasons:

1. We are nature lovers: we love to be outside, close to the ocean, close to forests and mountains, somewhere rural and remote, where only bird sounds break the silence of palm leaves shaking gently in the wind. So how would we feel when we suddenly live in Nicaragua’s capitol city, among 1.050.000 other people, concrete, noise, traffic, and the usual “big city chaos”?

2. Managua’s reputation is bad. Even the Nicaraguans consider it to be one of the unsafest places on earth, where it is likely to get stabbed, robbed or kidnapped. Melvin, after having lived in a safe oceanfront village for his whole life, told me: “you should always take a taxi, even during the day. And at night, don’t even dare to make two steps out of your door alone”. Continue reading “Living in Managua – the city of trees”

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