Who is that weird girl that wants to make sea turtle conservation her profession?

My name is Daniela, or “Dani”; I was born in 1989 in Germany and enjoyed a pretty normal childhood, some freaky years as a teenager, graduated from school and some years later from university – as M.Sc. Geographer.

My parents took me on vacation whenever we had school holidays. After school, I did my first trip alone to Costa Rica where I volunteered for the first time in my life at a sea turtle conservation project. In the following years I visited Malaysia, Cambodia, Ecuador, Laos, and Indonesia, always combining backpacker-style travel with a volunteering project. Then I started with internships at Juara Turtle Project Malaysia and Turtle Foundation Cape Verde. Once I was done with university, I coordinated a sea turtle camp of Turtle Trax Costa Rica.

All those travel and work experiences made me to the person I am today – a person who doesn’t fit into the german / european lifestyle anymore and who wants to deal with sea turtle issues for her whole life.

My favourite topics are

  1. SEA TURTLE HATCHERIES and how to rise hatching success to a maximum
  2. SEA TURTLE- AND CONSERVATION-TOURISM, the question IF and how conservation and tourism can be combined and what advantages it can give to both sides.

And yes – I also had a few “normal” side-jobs where I dealt mainly with customer services, which I really enjoyed. I just love smiling at people, dealing with their little problems and making them a bit happier. I also love working on my computer, writing, planning and analyzing data.

The amazing thing is: Working with turtles also means dealing with people (tourists, local residents, volunteers and assistants) and making them happier. And it means collecting and analyzing data and being creative. And as I love to write about turtles, I have this blog 🙂



06 / 2015 – 02 / 2016
8 months

Research Coordinator

Pretoma / Turtle Trax: Playa Caletas, Costa Rica

04 / 2014 – 07 / 2014 
3 months

Data collection for my Master’s Thesis “Sea turtle conservation organizations in coexistence with tourism”

Juara Turtle Project: Tioman island, Malaysia

07 / 2013 – 10 / 2013 
3 months

Hatchery Intern

Turtle Foundation: Boa Vista, Cape Verde

03 / 2012 – 09 / 2012
6 months

Hatchery Management Intern

Juara Turtle Project: Tioman island, Malaysia

08 / 2010 – 09 / 2010
2 weeks 


Juara Turtle Project: Tioman island, Malaysia

09 / 2009 
2 weeks


Juara Turtle Project: Tioman island, Malaysia

07 / 2008 – 08 / 2008
2,5 weeks


ASVO: Playa Matapalo and Playa Buena Vista, Costa Rica

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