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I make the move… to Nicaragua!

It’s finally time to release the exciting news! For those who don’t know yet…

– that’s what Nicaragua has always been for me. Back in 2008, when I first volunteered with sea turtles in the wealthy tourism hotspot of Central America, I called my fellow volunteers who were visiting Nicaragua after their placement “the brave ones”, – no “the mad ones” – cause why would you go to poor and dangerous Nicaragua?

A few years later I heard a travel report of someone who had volunteered in the country, and he told me about big lakes, easy-to-climb active volcanoes and an exotic Carribean coast. I was stunned! Continue reading “I make the move… to Nicaragua!”

Back to the roots

I cannot say that coordinating a sea turtle camp has ALWAYS been my dream. In fact, my sea turtle career started quite slow – or let’s say cautious – with usual, short volunteer placements in three consecutive years, before I committed myself to a long-term internship position.

It was then, in 2012, on the beaches of my beloved Juara Turtle Project in Malaysia, when I first thought that I might be wanting to do this for the rest of my life.

And it was another year later, in 2013, when I started to dream about coordinating a camp myself, or even owning my very own camp one day. At that time, I had started with my Master’s in Geography and knew that it would take me another year or two before I could fully commit myself to sea turtles.
Continue reading “Back to the roots”

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