Becoming a Sea Turtle Conservationist


Costa Rica

Results of 8 months turtle-madness

Now that I am back home, it is time for one last blog post about my coordinator job in Costa Rica.
And no, I don’t want to give you a list of all the good and the bad sides of Caletas. Neither will I specify the things I’ve learned, nor what made it so special to me and how much I developed personally. And no, I don’t want to retell my favourite moments and express some final poetic thoughts.
I rather give you some hard turtle facts, and a collection of my best pictures:

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Things are different in January and February

Here is the Caletas Update from January and February!


Yes, I was writing a lot about Mrs. Baula. She was also the most special, mysterious, fascinating and frustrating turtle mom I ever met. She reminded me that sea turtles can be unpredictable and surprising and are not fully understood yet – their mysteries not fully revealed yet. Plus: each sea turtle has a distinct character – oh yes, you read right! Some are little divas, a few are very shy, others are straight forward and bad-ass. Some of them nest in the most light-polluted areas with twenty people standing around and touching them while others run back into the sea as soon as they hear an unfamiliar sound.
But Mrs. Baula also reminded me once again how awesome and important hatcheries are – and will be in the future, with climate change, beach degradation and all that other stuff. Continue reading “Things are different in January and February”

Final moments of 2015

Here I am again, with the December news from Caletas!

The month started with a nice relaxing 6-day “holiday” in Nicaragua to get a new tourist visa for my last 90 days here. Me and Melvin followed the same schedule than last time: three nights in his home village Ostional, one night in touristy San Juan del Sur to get some shopping done and one night in busy Managua to get some more shopping done.
I enjoyed life with fans in the room, comfortable mattresses, rural scenery, all kinds of animal encounters, cold drinks, ice cream every day, motorbike cruising, and I also got to see an Olive Ridley Arribada Continue reading “Final moments of 2015”

November life – many struggles and a few rewards

Okay, enough with “Sun, Sand and Surf”-Happiness, enough with “look at these adorable cute babyturtles I am playing with” and “I am so fortunate to live a life like this” – lately, Caletas has been full of challenges and throwbacks.
I tell you the real story now – stories about

  • a turtle facing extinction which likes to play games with us
  • communal living and working in an isolated place which turns out to be just as rough as the wilderness that is surrounding us
  • skunks, rain, broken headlamps and tired muscles

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