Are you like me? Do you get easily excited when a window pops up saying “Live a life in paradise and earn money with it”, or “How I make 6.000 $ a month being myself”, or “Start now living the life of your dreams! Here is how”.
Do we not all want to live the perfect, wealthy, amazingly relaxing, social and adventurous life in a beachfront villa with pool, the perfect man / woman and some humorous, like-minded best friends, 500.000 $ savings on our bank account and sunshine every day?

That’s exactly the reason why so many people from the wealthier nations – mostly young investors, lucky ones or retirees – conquer the coastlines of this world, purchase their little beachfront lot, build their house with pool and seaside balcony, and start a blog promising other people like you and me that they can do the exact same thing.

I bet that a worldwide survey on “how would your perfect life look like” would have these results:

48 % – live in a warm country in a luxury villa on the beach
27 % – live in a warm country  in a luxury villa in a bigger town or city
14 % – live in a temperate country in a luxury villa wherever
6 % – live in a temperate country in a luxury villa in the mountains
3,2 % – I already live my perfect life
1,8 % – live in a warm country in the woods in a tree house

So, nearly half of the world population would like to live a wealthy life on the beach in a warm country. I guess.
Then, there are a few which have endured a life in remote, marginalized areas or small villages, so they are longing for a more urban feeling, shopping options, social diversity and a better infrastructure. Still, they want to live somewhere where it’s warm and sunny.
The 14 % which prefer to live in temperate countries are the ones which cannot stand sweating plus the few incredibly poor people which have to withstand heat, dryness, bugs and bad smells every day in their ghettos. They are longing to see the rich, industrialized nations, where there is wealth, freedom, democracy, power, technology and cool rain every day.
Then there are some who are dreaming with their wooden lakeside chalet in Canada or Scandinavia.
Following this – Congratulations! – are 3,2 % which state that they already live their perfect life. Those are the ones who have just founded a family, married the man / woman of their dreams, are crazily rich, have a fun, rewarding and relaxing business or who have already achieved any of the above mentioned options.
And the remaining small percentage prefer a hippie nude non-materialistic lifestyle in the woods.

What we see here is that more than 78 % of the world population prefer to live in a warm country. Doesn’t seem like a big problem with climate change progressing in the next decades… But more than 89 % of the world population want to live in a luxury villa: that means in wealthy, worry-free conditions with a secured, stable income. And if you live on the beach or in the mountains, even if you live in a city for the first time of your life, you don’t want to spend 10 hours a day working hard for it. You want to ENJOY yourself, your villa, your surroundings, your friends, your endless opportunities. Thus, you would opt for maybe working a mere 3 hours a day. Why? Because work can be fun and fulfilling, especially if you see immediate results. People enjoy using their hands and their brain for a measurable outcome. Some would be terribly bored otherwise due to the lack of time-intensive hobbies.
But no one wants to stress him/herself out. No one wants to spend 10 hours a day with work, 1 hour with getting ready, another hour with eating, 2 hours with driving and the remainder 2 hours with watching TV until he/she falls asleep.
Instead: work a few hours a day to stay productive, to train your brain, to do something awesome and cool. And then to the beach. Surfing. Diving. Sunbathing. Swimming. Socializing. Painting. Drinking. Partying. Dancing. Shopping. Playing Volleyball. Doing whatever.

But now the bad news:


You know that already? Good.

I don’t want to put you down. Don’t want to destroy your dreams. Always try to live the life you want! And do it quick, because spaces are limited…

48 % of the world population cannot live on the beach in a warm country. We are too many for too few space. Living in skyscrapers along our coastlines? Could be a compromise, but that would exceed the so-called “carrying capacity”, causing severe environmental damages and destroying everything we came for.
89 % of the world population cannot live a wealthy, stress-free life with 3 hours of fun and high-yielding work a day.
Who would build our luxury villas? Who would build the roads leading to them? Who would cut the bushes in our garden, bring us our coffee, clean our toilet? Who would produce the hedge clippers we use to cut the bushes ourselves? And who would build the machine being used to produce our hedge clippers? Who would invent a hedge clippers-building machine? And who would deliver the pizza to our inventor? Who would slaughter the pig to process the ham? And who would grow the coffee anyway?

You see, I could go on and on with this! What I am trying to say is:

Our world system is only working as long as there are winners AND losers. That’s how it always has been. Throughout the whole history of human evolution.

We have to realize that many of us wouldn’t be that wealthy if there weren’t poor people doing the shitty work for us. I wouldn’t have that much money today if I couldn’t rely on underpaid sewers in Bangladesh producing my 8 $ shirts. I wouldn’t have that much money today if I couldn’t rely on cheap factory employees in China producing my 100 $ smartphone. Neither if I couldn’t rely on exploited miners in Malawi quarrying the rare earth elements for it. Or the uneducated truck driver in Tanzania transporting them to the next bigger airport with flights to China.

Yes, globalization has produced dependencies. Some say, it has produced “neo-colonialism”. We are dependent on cheap workers in the poorer countries to receive our products for an acceptable price. And they are dependent on our demand for more and more products in order to have a job.
Our globalized world economic system needs winners and losers. It’s all about dependencies.

So what I am trying to tell you: I am suspicious. I don’t believe those popular bloggers (any more) who promote a stress-free, easy, happy, fun and chilled out life with consistent income, endless travel opportunities and little effort to EACH SINGLE ONE OF US. Maybe he can do it, and I can do it, but not the 1450th person trying to go this way. Again, spaces are limited, and some need to be kept as losers. Otherwise, the rest of us wouldn’t be winners anymore.
So I tell you a secret: Those famous bloggers are so rich and famous because they make their money with selling a “dream”, promising people what they want to hear as thousands of them read their posts, book their online courses and workshops and buy their “how to”- and “you can do it”-books.
Those bloggers know it isn’t possible for everyone to become as rich and famous as they are, because then they would lack costumers and – on top of that – would have a lot of competition. So they promise something to an audience of 10.000, knowing exactly that only two of them will make it. The remainder 99.998 will keep trying, dreaming and wishing. They will stay losers.

I don’t want to be pessimistic. I don’t want to make YOU pessimistic. Some of us can achieve what we really want, and so we should always keep trying. Because it’s worth it.
But remind yourself each day that not all of us will make it. That’s just logical thinking. That’s the sad truth.

Of course I try to become a winner. I won’t give up working towards my dream until I’m old enough to realize that I won’t make it any more. BUT at all times, I will be well aware of the fact there are always losers as well. Losers that help me become a winner. Or that I might stay a loser as well.

Not everyone wants to become a winner though. That’s something I learned over the years, and it surprised me at first. A lot of people don’t care that they cannot live the life of their dreams, because their real, actual life is not so bad after all, and they accept it. They are simply less demanding, I guess. Or are they just realistic? Do they know that they will not make it? Are they lazy? Or scared? Do they consider the outcome not worth the efforts, risks and sacrifices involved with achieving their dreams?
Those people will keep living their lives how they have always done it, and they will only complain very occasionally about it.
But be assured that each single one of them would jump off running to the next airport if they got offered a luxury oceanfront villa for free.

The other thing is that many other people in this world really do not care about this luxury oceanfront villa. Because they’re happy with what they have at home. They wouldn’t even move their little finger if you gave them the opportunity to start running to the airport. And it’s awesome that so many people are like this. They consider themselves winners already. And they don’t ask for more.

Whatever you would have picked if you could choose the life of your dreams.
I don’t judge you.
But if you want to steal me my oceanfront villa space, we might get into trouble…