It’s finally time to release the exciting news! For those who don’t know yet…

– that’s what Nicaragua has always been for me. Back in 2008, when I first volunteered with sea turtles in the wealthy tourism hotspot of Central America, I called my fellow volunteers who were visiting Nicaragua after their placement “the brave ones”, – no “the mad ones” – cause why would you go to poor and dangerous Nicaragua?

A few years later I heard a travel report of someone who had volunteered in the country, and he told me about big lakes, easy-to-climb active volcanoes and an exotic Carribean coast. I was stunned!

During my travels through even more stunning Southeast Asia I forgot about that corner of the world. Yes, I was ready to travel on and on, always on the lookout for a sea turtle organization to hire me for the next season. I was ready to travel to never-been places in South America and Africa and to eventually live a worry-free life among the lush paddy fields of beloved Indonesia.

Until the words “This is Melvin, he’s a long-term research assistant from Nicaragua and will be here with you for the whole season” would change my life.

That was on June 27th, 2015.

After a month he showed interest in me, I didn’t say “no”, we got together, fell more and more in love and became a perfect “cannot-live-without-each-other” team. Our relationship had to endure difficult conditions like rustic living standards, lack of sleep, hard work, intercultural differences and hierarchy issues (being boss and assistant). Ohhh how did we shout at each other sometimes… ohhh how did he frustrate me… but now we are a strong, well-functioning team and know each other very well. We are still impulsive sometimes but solve problems very quickly and efficiently.

And the best: we have the same vision for our future!
That is: living a less materialistic life surrounded by nature, working with sea turtles, getting to know interesting people from around the world, running conservation programs, making people experiencing the same positive personal changes than we did, making money, being our own bosses and being together day and night.

All these wishes lead us to the conclusion that the only way to combine all this is to build and operate a CONSERVATION LODGE AND NATURE RETREAT in Nicaragua.

And that’s where we are now! We know what we want and how we want it, we created a Business Plan, we have fantastic ideas. What is missing, is:

1) money
2) our perfect spot with loads of unprotected sea turtles

our perfect spot, as it is just a matter of time until we come across a suitable beach. In fact, we’ve already found a couple of possible options just by looking around south of San Juan del Sur close to the Costa Rican border. We haven’t even started looking towards the north yet! Many beaches are well developed already, but there are still some kilometers in between which seem totally deserted… sea turtles nest along the whole Pacific coast, and in many places they are still unprotected, even though sea turtle projects have increasingly opened up within the last few years.
So we need: a semi-remote beach with few development, unprotected sea turtles, a willing community and available land.

We are creative and not very demanding. To set up the Lodge of our dreams we wouldn’t even need electricity, as we learned how to live a dream of freedom in nature without all these “modern society luxury amenities”. Finding our perfect spot is really not a problem. We can work with what we get.

is the money. Beachfront lots are so expensive! (comparing them with lots away from the beach). They range between 60.000 and 120.000 $ and you can even go beyond that… prices of half a million are not rare to see. And land prices are increasing as demand is increasing, land is being sold up quickly… by whom? Well it seems to be mostly rich hotel investors or retirees from the US.
Does a young german-nicaraguan couple find its place in this crazy circus of beachfront real estate?

if I say: we don’t really have anything ourselves that we can spend to realize our dream. My parents financed a big part of my studies and my year-long travels, so why would I even dare to ask them for one more cent? And Melvin, originating from an unprosperous fisherman’s family, who would he even ask for money?

That’s why we have set up a Crowdfunding Campaign. We are willing to work and we have worked in our lives, but it was mostly for good causes and therefore – unpaid. Work for me means to do something with my hands and my brain and see a result. And yes, I have this fantasy that I only want to do jobs I enjoy. This has worked pretty well so far. I never gave a shit about earning much money. Why would I need much money if I have enough food, clothes, extra cash for a plane-ticket and Mama Nature which gives me everything else?
that I need 100.000 $ to finance my life dream.
The only way to get all that money together “quickly” is to find Investors or to find generous supporters via Crowdfunding.

I’ve planned a stay in Germany for two months to get everything in order, use excessively the internet, start a side career as a freelance writer (the easiest way I can make money living abroad), set up the campaign, contact people and plan everything.
In May, I’m going to return to my other half on the other side of the planet, and we want to get things going. We are ready to build the Lodge of our dreams and of YOUR dreams!

Given, that in a few months time we will have raised enough funds.

by sharing this link and these videos underneath to many many people. The more people we reach the better. We want to go global! Because somewhere out there are a few individuals who would love to support a business/conservation idea like this. We just need to make sure that they find out about us!


Our GoFundMe Crowdfunding Site
Crowdfunding promotion videos in 3 languages!


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Thank you all so much, and I will keep you updated